2013-2018 IG arumsetta

I started instagram at the beginning of 2013, as asked by a friend enthusiastic for the photos he had seen there, he wanted me too to share there some of mine.

I was in Korea and the passion for photography as well as for many other means for arts were fading away without me even noticing it.

The confortable and easy to carry little camera on my Samsung Galaxy Note seemed to be more than enough to kill any interest in photos and having a long term memory of the events in life.

Wrong. So wrong. So many moments, views, details I have missed, just hanging around with a light an immediate tool to take a photo.

Taking a photo is focusing on the moment, the detail, searching the right light and angle to print on an image one’s feeling about something.

With a smartphone everything goes missing, the light is unperceivable, the moment is so too immediate and fast, but that is how instragram and such with a couple of cool filters make a fool of busy people, so busy that we cannot even focus some seconds, some minutes, on a good environment for taking the chance to make that moment and that image “The moment when…”

Although this very negative introduction might lead me to hide them, instead of  showing them, that became part of everyday life and my attitude, so here some bites.



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