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Giovanni Migliara (Fond. Accorsi Ometto)


Exhibition at Fondazione Accorsi Ometto (via Po, Turin, Italy) on March 3rd 2019

Through the beautiful rooms, recreated with Mr Accorsi’s huge heritage of antiques, the exhibition has been kind of interesting on its own, a very beautiful surprise in one an almost spring still cold Saturday afertnoon.

While the entrance to the Museum and the exhibition both on the 1st floor, was kind of feeling “external”, not focused, entering the different rooms finally gave some privacy and intimacy with the works.

The public absolutely quite, polite, as the museum guides, giving all the chances to appreciate each and every paint in peacefullness and enjoying it under different light shades and perspectives.

This was a super plus for acquaring some intimacy with the colors, with the waves, with the skies, the steam and the movements, but most of all the incredibly precious charachter traits, the events, taking place, surprisingly in such a so called “landscapist” work.

Situations, gazes, body movements and shadows, almost perceivable to the concentrate look, where, for me, a photo is needed to recheck and recall the impression of that scene, where the two charachters, when everybody around is unaware, look at each other, a hand, a gaze, nobody notice in the calm summer stroll in the ancient town center, but we, the audience, are allowed to notice it.

I have been always told that we, people from Piedmont, we are a bit ignorant, appreciating Landscapism because of the match with reality with an “oh look what a beautiful painting, it seems like a photo”, well then, if Migliara is landscapism, then I am totally a fan.


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